I guess I am a coffee guy. My brother and I went golfing last week on Wednesday and we stopped at the local Wegmans coffee shop and I was immediately drawn to the latte while he got something else. We had a conversation about coffee and it was clear that I drank more and had experience with more varieties of coffee than he had. Which is fine, but it also leads me to believe that I am a coffee guy.

Of course this leads to problems especially on vacation when I am staying at a person's house where coffee is not on the menu. Not in the morning or ever. I enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning as it gets me going in the right direction and I definitely miss it when I do not get to have one. Yeah - my addiction to the caffeine is the main culprit but I do like coffee and I think I would drink it regardless of the caffeine content. I enjoy the cappucinos, espressos, lattes (my favorite), iced coffee and even coffee ice cream on occasion. Tea is good too (lots of nice variety here), but, for me, coffee is where it is at.


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