Sort of makes you want to kick out the plug

I received multiple clear sky alarms for tonight so I may have an observation report tomorrow – we’ll see how lazy I am tonight.

Driving into work I saw the result of a fender-bender. The police were on the scene and the affected parties were standing around waiting for the report to be filed. At least that is what it looked like. I was impressed with the amount of traffic that was flowing by and all of the people in all of those cars. We all saw the same thing (or at least most of us did) and we all had our lives, perceptions, schedules, etc. impacting how we interpreted it. All going to our individual workplaces and workspaces. All of us with our cares, desires, health issues, struggles, joys…it is really quite overwhelming the sea that we are as humans. Not united yet in concert. Friends of Him and enemies of Him. Believers and non-believers. Infinitely complex and irreducible. Self sufficient and wholly dependent. And everything in between.


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