What has been said; written

There have been a few statements made (mostly at a church setting, but not all) that have made a huge impact on my life (in no particular order):
You have not met the most important people in your life yet. – Mike Haugh (high school teacher)
Marriage is not about your happiness…it is about your holiness. – Dan Dundore (pastor)
Quality and quantity time with your children is not the goal. It is a means towards the goal. – Scott Bixby (pastor)
Amen! Mark, the Trinity has withstood greater attacks than this. – Jim Thurber (pastor)
Therefore the Lord’s Table is about remembrance. – Ted Gatchell (pastor)

There is nothing decidedly profound in any of these statements, but they all came at a time when I needed them and have helped to shape me into who I am today. The books (in no particular order other than author):

Mere Christianity – C.S. Lewis
Miracles – C.S. Lewis
The God Who is There – Francis Schaeffer
The Peacemaker - Ken Sande
Genesis in Space Time History – Francis Schaeffer

The Christian Manifesto – Francis Schaeffer
The Mark of the Christian – Francis Schaeffer
The Defense of the Faith – Cornelius Van Til
Found: God’s Will – John MacArthur
Reckless Faith – John MacArthur
Catholic and Christian – Alan Schreck
Dandelion Wine – Ray Bradbury
Marxism – Thomas Sowell
Contact – Carl Sagan

Again, this is not heavy reading, but God used them in my life at certain times to move me in different directions and into different thought patterns. For that I am grateful to them and Him.


  1. Marriage is not about your happiness…it is about your holiness. – Dan Dundore

    Sorry, this one gave me a (sad) laugh. Unless my sister has changed fundamentally since I knew her, it's good he's more interested in holiness than in happiness. But actually I'm sure he's very happy - every marriage has its internal deal. Happy blogging.

  2. Thanks, VH. I hear exactly what you are saying. The pursuit of happiness in this life opens us up to all kinds of disappointments. The pursuit of holiness unlocks indescribable joy. Thanks be to God.


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