Already handsomely rewarded for the effort he had made and after catching a glimpse of his future he scribbled furiously on the note pad. The green crayon etched a strange figure through the image that peered ever so slightly from behind it. The preacher charged the seniors moving into new territory as their lives lived out before us resonated a genuine or dissonant tone.

Almost in the instant of the uttered word the artist (who had now moved to a blue crayon) fixed his gaze on me with wild in his eyes exclaiming, “He said pathetic!”

As he turned back to his work I wondered out of all the words spoken that hour why this one resounded so surely with him. Then, almost missing the moment, my heart knelt before a God who pursues this artist. Yes, He would have His disciple soon, and I could see that more than words sought to enter his mind and heart.


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