My son's tree house

I was on the tail end of some tree work I was doing on Father’s Day in the back yard. It was warm (but nice in the shade) but I definitely needed some water. My son was playing in the back yard and he said he would like some water as well. I brought out some bottled water and we sat on the steps of the deck just drinking it down and talking. Then he said he wanted to go into his “tree house” (basically a platform that is part of the play set we put together a couple of years ago) and drink his water. I asked if it was all right if I came up there too. After some initial objections (“Daddy, you’re too big.”) he relented and there we sat.

Just us.

As the wind rustled the leaves we talked about what it was saying to God and how we can praise Him right along with the wind, but in a different language.

We drank it in.

All of this on one of the happiest days of my life. Father’s Day 2006.


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