Bread and sun

My wife grew up in an irreligious home. Lip service was paid to God, but there was no attempt made to walk in Him so there wasn’t much point to the times He was invoked. I remember when her step-dad left the hospital one night her mother awaiting surgery on a rotator cuff that had torn and was in need of repair. I wondered “How could he do that?” How could he leave her in the hands of surgeons rather than the One who made their hands? How could he find peace knowing that she could die on the operating table and that would be it?

I have tasted and I have seen and, yes, the Lord is good. The Light has shown in my heart and my days before I knew Him seem like another lifetime. There is just no way I could ever go back. That’s not me anymore. And I thank Him for it for it is He who has produced this in my life.


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