The Edge Effect and the Divine Nature - Part 1

Yo Yo Ma, the famed cellist, initiated a project no known as Silkroad. The concept is a simple, yet profound expression of the creativity of strangers that share a deep connection with one another as expressed in the music they compose and perform. The question, "What will happen when strangers meet?" is answered time and time again as the collision among people of dissimilar backgrounds is felt and, as a result, their creativity is heightened to dramatic effect. This concept, this collision, expresses itself in nature as well in a concept known as the "edge effect".

The edge effect is seen when two distinct ecosystems meet. Within that meeting there is a transition space (for lack of a better term) that houses a plethora of species of flora and fauna that is not seen in either one of the individual ecosystems. In fact, the amount and diversity of species within the edge of the two ecosystems is greater in number and variety than within the single ecosystems that now find themselves joined together. 

This natural phenomenon's expression in humanity is something that is leveraged by groups like Silkroad to bring about something completely different and unexpected. Its manifestation in our human nature is firmly planted in our God's divine nature. 

The only reason why this is so strange and novel to me, why it had to be discovered at all, is firmly planted in my lack of understanding of who He is. A deeper meditation on the characteristics and attributes of the Divine, and its expression in humanity, is what I will attempt in this series of posts. I pray that this exploration will lead me into a more complete understanding of our ever-expanding dominion over nature that was lost so long ago.


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