Free from "this"; free to "this" - Part 2

In part 1 of this line of thinking I tried to explore the concept of being free and connected at the same time. It seems that we choose freedom and, along with that, there is a corresponding slavery or service. I am, as a human, never free in the ultimate sense. God is the only one who is truly free and the freedom he experiences is one that, from and into eternity, does not have a corresponding service. Yet, the freedom that God experiences is perfectly expressed through connection. Connection in the three persons of the Trinity itself. What a beautiful picture of the Trinity it was as the the dancers, though connected, saw a freedom much like the one God sees! I may be reading too much into this but, in the Amazing Stories episode, the two dancers moved in front of the stained-glass picture of Christ, his eyes fixed on the Father as he prayed for strength to face the cross chosen for him. What a startling picture of the three persons of the Trinity moving in a concert of freedom to secure my salvation The Trinity was most aptly displayed!

Another lot that I have inherited as a son of the earth and man is that of degrees. There are better and worse experiences that I have, more and less beautiful things that I encounter, better and worse coffee that I drink - it seems and endless parade of bad and worse, good and better. I see the same degrees in the freedom that I choose. Again, with God, there are no degrees. All of him, every fiber of who he is, shows a perfect perfection that I will never know even on the other side of heaven. The freedom he experiences is perfect freedom and the connections he has are equally as flawless. But me, I need to choose the better freedom and, at the same time, the better service.

The dancers, though connected, did just that. Now one of them could have broken away from the other and gone off to do their own dance severing the connection between them. I would view that as a choice of a lesser freedom. The dancer that broke the connection would have been connected to their own desires and passions and not in tune with those of the partner. They would have seen it fit to leave their partner alone to pursue their own way and leave the other person wondering, perhaps perturbed, about what just happened and what their reaction should be. They would be forced into reacting to what the other was doing, if only  for a second. To me, that speaks of selfishness and I know that I am a terrible god indeed. The dancer could be a better one than I but would absolutely be a lesser one than He.

Choosing the freedom with the connection to their partner the dancer would embrace a greater freedom. One that invited and assisted their partner into a deeper passion for the beauty of and commitment to the art of the dance. Their connected freedom would give us a glimpse of God himself as the Father, Son, and Spirit move in splendid unison alongside and even in assistance of each other. Their freedom would illustrate both a commitment to and dependence upon each other to bring us a glimpse of the beauty of the Divine and his gift of our ever-increasing reclamation of our prior dominion over the natural world. The richness of their connected freedom can not be overstated. Nor can their abandon of it.

And their is one aspect to all of this that cannot escape my mind. God would have it no other way.


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