Save this one thing

A man in my shoes runs a light
And all the papers lie tonight
But falling over you is the news of the day... - Ghost in You, Psychedelic Furs

It wasn't the best of mornings. All in all I would have chalked it up as one that I would have rather not had. Relationships were strained in more than one way. I was distracted by this and that. Running out the door I didn't think to take care of something important. I was confronted with something that I would have rather not dealt with and I knew that a difficult conversation was to follow. 

But then the invitation to pray came. I would have continued down the path that I trod save this one thing: As we sat there with closed eyes I felt her hand on my knee.

Her hand. On my knee.

I placed mine on hers and we held on. We held on didn't we, Dad? 

Just us. No one else. Nothing else. 

You put us there didn't you? You did. And you know her hand, though rarely warm, is my not so secret security.


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