Laughter through the warm rain

The family reunion was much more tolerable with her there as they strode the creek bed seemingly oblivious to the approaching clouds. They talked and planned that warm Spring day wondering what the Summer would bring them as they prepared for their Senior year. There were still tests to take and the Spring concert loomed large with the solos that the two of them had to prepare for. Their burdens seemed halved by the support they were to each other and the full weekends that they could spend together doing homework and going out alone and with their friends. They were an item in the school for sure. Not overly popular and not normally shunned they seemed to have found their place even if they rather didn't care what others thought. They could chalk the negative comments, more often than they should perhaps, up to jealousy or outright envy. 

Thankfully they weren't more than a few hundred yards from the main pavilion when it happened. A cloudburst of warm rain tumbled from the darkening sky sending them running. My did they run. Hand in hand they ran to try to minimize the effect of the heavy drops on their clothes and hair. 

The rest of the clan huddled under the shelter as the rain poured down, rolled off of the roof and cascaded with a thump to the ground. It was a deluge and the reunion attendees looked at each other in some semblance of disbelief wondering how long it would last. Well, everyone except him and her of course. It barely mattered that their hair was flattened by the diamond rain as they had run as quickly as they could through the cloudburst. Breathing heavily they found a dry seat near the edge of the shelter and laughed. 

My did they laugh.

She shivered and the best he could offer her was a damp blanket that had made it out of the downpour. He covered her shoulders as the breeze picked up sending a little more rain to where they sat. The drips from their noses did nothing to extinguish the currency of the day they were spending together. This was no ordinary day. She was no ordinary girl. He wasn't the only one who thought so as his family was quickly enamored with her.

But no one knew her like he did. And he was in love with what he saw. 

My was he ever in love with her.


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