Why can't I ever remember my locker combination?

He was running through the halls to get to his locker. He knew that if he was caught in the sprint that graced his feet he would be written up for sure. He couldn't let that happen. He also knew that the seat beside her in study hall would only be briefly unoccupied and he had forgotten his Chemistry book that he promised her that he'd bring.

Almost slamming into Erin as he cruised into his locker he offered her a quick apology and tried his locker combination. He had no idea what it was, again, as he loosened his tie and began to sweat. The bell would be ringing too soon and he knew she would be surrounded by her friends by then. The cafeteria wasn't too far from where he was...just down the stairs and to the left, but he had a scant few seconds until....

As the bell rang Brother John Davies seemed to appear out of nowhere. "Oh, hey there..." he began in his usual way. "Having some trouble there Mr. Dudley?"
"I can't remember my locker combination! Do you have the master?" he asked in a panic.
"Well, I do!" the good Brother answered. "Why are you in such a..." he paused. "She's cute you know," he said adjusting his glasses. "And you're smitten."
"OK, OK," I said retrieving his book. "Thanks, Brother John Davies!" He began to sprint down the hall as a disapproving glance formed on the rescuer's face.
"Mr. Dudley...STOP right where you are!" As soon as the Brother spoke he knew what he had done. "Make your way to the office Mark, and get your JUG."

There was no use complaining as he trudged up the stairs, the precious minutes with her ticking away as he requested and received the detention. He noticed water running down the stairs toward the cafeteria as his feet lifted slightly off the ground. Birds began to chirp...

It was time to wake up. His new alarm clock allowed him to tune to his favorite pop station and when it clicked he found himself in the middle of the song I Can Dream About You by Dan Hartman.

"I can dream about you, if I can't hold you tonight..."

He groaned and turned off the alarm. He looked straight at the ceiling and heard his sister bolt into the bathroom. It would be a while before he saw it. Sitting at the edge of the bed he wished his study hall was the same as hers. 

He also knew it would be more than a little while before he would see her. Jerry had him working from 4:00 until 10:00 after school and then there was the paper he needed to finish and then...


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