"Ridiculous" was his favorite word

The kids were gone from the classroom. 

Alongside his best friend John, they were almost done with their Confirmation requirement to teach religious education to the 3rd graders at St. Charles on Saturday mornings. It was always somewhat of a chaotic time, but enjoyable enough for the both of them as he began to write on the board.

I’m sorry but I’m just thinking of the right words to say,
Even if they don’t sound like I planned them to be…

“What are you doing?” John asked watching him as he wrote such a large note on the board.
“Asking her to save me a dance next week,” he responded as if was the most natural thing in the world to do. She had a similar Confirmation requirement and she team taught a class of 4th graders with her friend in the same room only later on Saturday afternoon.
“She’s not going to see that,” John said as he cleaned up the remnants of the craft the kids had worked on. John was probably right, but he had to try anyway.
“Shut up. Do you have a better idea?” he asked thinking that this was the most expedient way to go about it.
“Yeah I do. Call her.”  John laughed. “And you’d better help me take care of this room before you get too wrapped up in all that ridiculousness…”

He put the chalk down and helped determined to finish what he started on the board after John left the room.
"See you later?" he asked knowing that they had made plans later in the day to hang out with Dave and Sam.
"Yeah, I'll be there. Should be fun..." John trailed off leaving the classroom.

Mark finished his inscription making sure he didn't spell anything wrong. He chuckled to himself at the thought of the guys watching him dance with her. "They're not jealous," he thought as he pulled the classroom door shut locking it behind him. "But they have no idea who she is."


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