The centrality of humility

I serve a humble God.

It seems kind of strange that a God could be humble especially when so many people misunderstand Him and label Him as either an egoist in the highest order or even rather insecure. But as I read the Bible, and seek to really understand it, I find that God is rather humble and, in imitation of Him, I need to be humble as well.

Christianity has, at its core, the humiliation of its God. This is a truth that is trotted out at Christmas and Easter (especially), but it needn't be relegated to those holidays on the church calendar. If I carefully read the Scriptures I see this from Genesis 1 straight through Revelation as it is something that sets my God, the true God, apart from any other. He is patient, meek (power under control) and gentle of heart and in Him I find rest - not a hint cruelty or pride. 

I also find in Him the desire to discipline me and orient at least a some of His activities towards my well-being. That He would even pay attention to me is something that sings of His humility. As a parent I would do well to do less punishing and more training of my own children born out of a desire for their good rather than my comfort or image. I am at my best when I am humble for I am acting like God and bearing His image to the world that needs Him. 

I found something rather striking when I I recalled a particular passage in the book of Revelation and comprehended it in light of God's humility. That will be part 2 of this meditation. 


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