Day Twelve: The Final Stretch

We received the final cabinets on Friday so, naturally, our dutiful contractor was on the job today getting them in and ready for the counter top installation on Tuesday the 7th. Here is what things look like so far:
The range wall - the plug is for the microwave

The fridge wall - the new fridge is still in the garage

The 12 inch base cabinet to left of range - ready for counters 
So the way the schedule is looking this week it looks like the counters will go in on Tuesday and the contractors will finish up over Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. So, if all goes according to plan, we will be completely done by this Friday. We have the tile picked out and the under cabinet lighting will be coming on Monday. Here we go. This should be it and way ahead of my end-of-January expectation of completion - thanks be to God.


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