Day Three: Kids! Kids! The dust is back!

After a two-day reprieve from the dust (thanks to my wife) the crew decided to make their return known by putting up some drywall and get the place ready for some taping, mudding, finishing, and maybe some painting tomorrow. I do like the position of the recessed lighting and the work that they did today. We did receive word on a couple of details:

  • It looks like our kitchen will be ready on Friday (12-13-13) for the countertops. 
  • That is if we can get all the cabinets here in time. We still have one base and two wall cabinets to get here but I think that they'll be ready for me to pick them up Thursday (12-12-13) night. I think. Maybe.
  • It also looks like our appliances will make it here on Friday too. I have less faith in the cabinets than I do in the appliances.
  • We will be getting an electrician in to disconnect the 220 line from the box and pull it through the floor. It is left over from the electric stove we had.
  • The counters will be measured on 12/24/13 with installation scheduled for 1/7/14. I am thrilled with the outfit that will install them - Rocky Mountain Granite in Webster. They came recommended to me and I am very happy that they are contracted by Lowe's to do the installation. 

Our roughed-in drywalled kitchen
These are the wires for the under cabinet lighting.
This is our Christmas tree for 2013.
All in all we have been happy with the work that is being done and the deals that we have been able to score with just about everything. God is good to us all the time, but I do like it when He lets things break our way.


  1. James does work with Rocky Mountain too. Can't wait to see your new kitchen.

  2. That's good to know, Martha. As particular as James is with his work I know that he would only do work with the best. Thanks for following along with us on this.


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