Day Nine: Gas line and standstill

Not a whole lot to report on day nine other than the fact that we now have a gas line that runs up through the floor and into the kitchen ready for our new gas range. It will be fantastic to cook with gas again after spending 11 years with electric ranges. Our base cabinet and appliances have not made an appearance yet, nor do we really know when they are going to show up. For all we know they are figments of our imagination or are being built by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Hamsters in Duluth, Minnesota. Actually, ninjas don't do cabinetry work so that is a bit of an exaggeration. Sorry about that.

The smell of a gas stove always reminds me of my grandma McKinley's house. When we would go there (especially for Christmas) I would always be fascinated by the blue flames of the stove and the gas wall heater that was in the bathroom. The smell was pleasant enough and I thought it was so great to see "fire" in a house as all I knew from our own home and the places we frequented was electric ranges. Whenever I smell a gas stove it takes me back to those days of frozen corn, tables full of food, and the reminder from my grandpa to "take what you want, but eat all you take".

Well, we should be getting some word on the cabinet an appliance situation today. Actually, I am just making that up because I have no idea when we'll hear anything about them. Until we do, we'll just admire the pipe that is sticking up through the floor and the portal it is to a simpler time in my life. Thanks be to God that He has taken me this far into this and that my hope and joy has been imprisoned by nothing less than Jesus' blood and righteousness.


  1. Actually, your cabinets are being built by Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters, and they are located in Embarrass, MN. It's easy to mix them up. Google for more info. Admire the pipe.

    1. Oh great...those guys are hacks. Oh well - hopefully the cabinets won't fall apart too soon after they are all loaded up with dishes. And cups. Can't forget the cups.


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