Day Four: Taping, mudding, sanding, boring

No new pictures for day 4 as the transformation was particularly underwhelming. Just boring preparation work for the real fun stuff today through the rest of the week I guess. The guys mentioned that the day-to-day changes would get a little less exciting for a while and they were right.

At any rate we laid out the cabinets last night (not physically) and found that our island is actually going to be about 3 inches bigger than we had anticipated. I doubt we will notice the difference but we will see. We still haven't heard whether our appliances that we ordered on 11-23-13 or the extra cabinets and fillers we ordered on 11-29-13 will be in on Friday or not. I have a feeling that they won't be, but I would be happy to be surprised about it. In a positive way of course.

It looks like more sanding and then painting today and, maybe, a wall cabinet or two. Everything will be ready by Friday for the countertop measurements (if the other base cabinet arrives) which means that in the next three days all of the painting, flooring, cabinetry, cabinet hardware, appliances (if they show), etc. will be in. Now that will be as radical a change to our situation than the gutting of the kitchen and I am looking forward to it.

I pray I am not looking forward to it so much that I miss what God would have for me as I wait. He has shown me things about myself in the preparation and run up to this project that I am in need of changing and strengthening so that has been good. This past week are rare days in my life and have given me pause at times. I don't want to waste them looking to what I think will be. I want to drink this in and make it a conscious, permanent part of who I am.


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