Day Eleven-d-hundred: Appliances

Not a whole lot happening around the kitchen. We put all of the shelves in the upper and lower cabinets and moved the foodstuffs into the pantry. We had a wire shelf like thing in the previous pantry and we are not going to be using in this least that's the plan for now. Our appliances also came today and we hooked up the range and left the fridge and the dishwasher in the garage. The microwave has been out there since 12-13 or so.

Our new range
So...we are still in a bit of a holding pattern as the other cabinets are not in yet. We'll have to see when we can get our contractor back in to install the rest of the appliances and hang the rest of the cabinets. The counters will be installed on 1-7-13 on the base cabinets that are installed. It would be great if the other 12 inch would come in by then but...we're not holding our breath.

God is moving us along in His time for His purposes. I am sure if He enumerated all of the reasons why He was doing this it would just make my brain spin out of my nose.


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