Day Eight: Less Dust, More Fuss

Not a whole lot of new construction lately, but there is a lot of detail work happening while we wait and wait for our appliances and cabinets to arrive.
The cabinet hardware is on the cabinets that are installed. The wire is for the dishwasher.
This is is the island. It is three inches longer than the one we had before. We're fine with that.
The lighting has trim. The top of the pantry is in the background.
God has been good to us in that we have had the opportunity to eat with friends and family as our kitchen has been remodeled. We are praying that our appliances will be coming in this Thursday and that they are installed by the weekend. Nan is looking forward to cooking on the new range and I am looking forward to loading up the dishwasher and getting it going.

It has been extraordinarily cold and snowy since the third day of construction. We have been shoveling the driveway a little bit more than usual to keep it nice and clean for the guys. These continue to be rare days that He is bringing our way. As much as we are looking forward to getting this done we are racking up a lot of experience with the remodeling and the way God has had us go about it. Hopefully we'll be able to come alongside someone who is thinking about doing the same thing. God doesn't waste these opportunities or experiences and we are looking forward to, at least, telling of His goodness and faithfulness to us through it all. 


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