Countertop frenzy

Our youngest son asked us last evening if the "countertop frenzy" was complete. It was.

We had our minds made up that we were going to go with an acrylic (Corian) countertop as we thought that this would be in more in line with our budget than any other surface. The only thing we knew for sure is that we did not want laminate (Formica). But then when the weekend came to pull the trigger I got cold feet. I kept reading about people that have regretted installing their acrylic countertops (no matter what brand they happened to have) and a bunch of people raving about their granite and/or quartz counters so I broke the news to my wife that we should be looking at quartz.

So, last weekend we shopped around at a couple of local stores for quartz counters and found quite a few designs that we really liked. One quote was a little high but doable in our budget and the next was out of budget so we could not consider it. We knew that Lowe's had some sales on quartz so we ended up there, were treated VERY well, and got a very good deal. 
The pattern we chose

We signed the contract on new qurtz countertops with them and they should be installed by mid-January. I am thankful that we enlarged the search to include this material.

I learned a couple of things in the process:

  • I need to trust my gut. I hate relying on my gut (as substantial as it is) to make decisions, but I had such an uneasy feeling about going with acrylic that I could not ignore it.
  • Penny wise = pound foolish. I do not think we will regret the extra investment we have made.
  • I am thankful my wife is parsimonious (cheap). She isolated her choice of countertop colors to the ones that were on sale. She's a keeper for this an a thousand more reasons.
  • I cannot measure/calculate square footage.
  • It pays to be conversational with the sales people. We dropped a name and received a nice discount on top of the price that was absolutely in our budget.
All that to say that I can feel God directing our steps and leading us into discerning decisions. I am thankful that He is in control and I need to remember this time when I am tempted to doubt His sovereignty and His loving care for me.


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