I like all of the days

There is a popular sentiment in our office that people want every day to be Friday. 

It kind of drives me crazy. 

For example, on Monday afternoon I often hear, "Is it Friday yet?" or "Which way tot he weekend?" Now I understand toil and work that can be exasperating at times, but is it wrong to assume and believe that each and every day is a gift and has a value and, maybe, even a charm all it's own? Why can't I be excited about Monday and invite others into my world? We can be and I dare say that God wants us to be.

I want to get all excited about Monday but I think people will take me as being sarcastic rather than genuine. But then I am thinking about the things that I tend to gloss over and look for what's on the other side. What are those things in my life? I would like to think that they are less trivial than a Monday but I wouldn't bet the farm on it. 

And I don't even own a farm.


  1. I have a "farm" but I wouldn't bet on it either...

    I must think on this one because I have been guilty of saying, "Is it Friday yet?" when in actuality what I really want is a lifelong vacation. Thankfully life doesn't work that way or I would probably be a spoiled brat. (In truth, there are days when I am a spoiled brat anyway.)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Martha. I have, in my heart, been guilty of this too. A.W. Tozer changed my view on a lot of things like this when he mentioned that he never said "I wish..." as he did not want to be ungrateful for the situation that God had him in. He was right and I try so hard to make that a reality in my life.


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