An aching of sorts

Over the extended Labor Day weekend we had too good of a time with some friends in Canada. We stayed at a cottage (which is a lot more like a house than our house is) and got to fish, swim, walk, play on the was everything I expected a vacation to be and more. It was such a fulfilling time with my family that I had a strange feeling yesterday when I got into work.

I ached for my wife's presence.

It wasn't a dull "wish you were here" type of wistful longing. I felt a real pining for her. I wanted her near me every second yesterday and the longing I had could not be satiated until I got home.

Thankfully I am less unsettled today. In fact, today is the first day ever of homeschooling for my wife and sons. I am looking forward to the report at the end of the school day today. God is so good to us to give us the resources to embark on this endeavor and we are taking it one year at a time.

He is also good to me to have given me a wife that is both capable and willing to take this on. She is more than a good woman: she is His child and is in love with His people. She is a friend unlike any other and I have these past days as a reminder of what God has done in her heart and mine as a result of the salvation He has mercifully given to her through Jesus Christ.


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