The call about the ring

This will be the last post about my wedding ring for a long time. I hope.

My wife called the school where I lost my ring at a baseball practice to let them know that if anyone found it we would like to claim it. When she shared this news with whomever answered the phone there one of the first things that the person said was, "Boy you could get a lot of mileage out of this!" Of course my wife was not going to do that and, the reason she wasn't is her relationship with God through Christ.

I understand that many husbands and wives share an adversarial relationship with each other. They like to complain about each other to their friends and look for ways to find deficiencies in the way one or the other person handles this or that situation or whether they place one thing or another above their relationship, but that's not how we operate. Not in the least. Believe me we fail at this because we are not perfect, but we actually believe that our marriage is something that God has given to us and something that should be cherished above every created thing on this earth. We believe that the relationship between Christ and his church is the model by which we need to build it on. We also know that the grand picture our marriage relationship has to be that of the relationship that God Himself, as the Father, Son, and Spirit, have with each other and that any division caused by anything must be killed and buried. It must be killed very dead and buried very deep. We must do this and act in this manner. There is no alternative and no other way that we can interpret the vows we made to each other in front of God and our family and friends.

So, yeah, we are not perfect but we struggle with this. And thank God for the struggle. We do battle with ourselves to make this work, but not the way the world does. We even have family and friends that pray for us so that God's power and image will be manifest in our relationship. God has set us on a course into a deeper knowledge of Himself and is allowing us an opportunity to be more Christlike through our marriage relationship. He is the One that empowers us to do that for and with each other. Why would we want to damage that?

And it is by His grace (gifts that we don't deserve) that He allows us to maintain the full depth of that unity when one of us loses a wedding ring. It is also by His grace that He allows us ( wife) to find it again.


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