Classic Petra - 9-28-12

Great son, great band, great night, and the greatest God.

Last Friday Drew and I went out to dinner at Greece Ridge Mall (his choice!) and then made our way to the Classic Petra concert at Roberts Wesleyan College and let me tell was an absolutely fantastic night. We got to the auditorium a little early so we hung out in the lobby for a bit and then headed to our seats in the balcony. We were practically the only ones up there and waited a bit for the band to take the stage.

From the first chord they were absolutely great. I hadn't ever seen Petra with Greg X. Volz before and his voice was fantastic. He was funny, engaging, encouraging, and spiritually-minded. These guys may have been around for over 40 years but they absolutely rocked the place. The best part of the night was Drew and I were rocking out together. I was wondering if he was enjoying it as much as I did so, after the concert was over, I asked him if he would come back with me and, with a big smile on his face, he said "Um...yeah!" That made me so happy I can't even tell you.

Well, Drew and I were prepared to get some autographs from the guys if they offered any after the show. I had a picture that I printed on very nice paper that had individual pictures of the guys in the band for Drew to get signed and I wanted Bob Hartman's signature on my "On Fire!" CD jacket so we hung out a bit after the show to see if they would show. Sure enough we saw a table being set up and we got into the line that was quickly forming. We were near the front and the guys came out. They weren't really sure where the drummer, Louie Weaver, was at first, but he did show up and the autographs began. Drew was thrilled as he talked to the guys and got all of their signatures. The best part of the whole session was when Greg Volz looked straight at Drew, pointed his finger at him and said two words that I will never forget: "Be good."

I dare say that it can't get much better than that Friday night. Leaving the auditorium, autographs in hand, we saw fireworks that were being let off in celebration of the Roberts Wesleyan homecoming. Good God...all this and heaven too? Why would I ever doubt your goodness to me?


  1. Awesome, Mark! for some reason this morning I decided to put on classic Petra on spotify and have had it running all day in my office, so this post is well timed for me! Also, I see how you cleverly were able to work in a Michael Sweet title in there at the end of the post as well. Well played! Rock on!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Mark. It was great to share some of my CCM history with Drew and actually have him enjoy it.


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