He is cementing my life with his

My wife and eldest son are away on an adventure this weekend and I am going to get to spend some time with my youngest son tomorrow. It is a bit of a bummer that I have some obligations in the morning that I need to drag him along to, but after that I am excited about the little trip we are going to take to Powder Mills Park and to the fish hatchery there. It is a place that I visited years and years ago and I have wanted to take him there for a long time (that and the one in Caledonia). It is so funny how geeked I am about this simple time with him, but I want to thank God that I am.

There is plenty of me that wants to do my own thing. To go along beholden to no one or nothing except the three people that would do me the most harm (me, myself, and I - not a handsome group of guys) is so unlike God. I wonder...does God get geeked to bless me? When He knows that there is something that is going to make me more like Christ, or something that will bring me closer to joy I wonder if He gets a little excited about that. The Scripture seems to indicate that He does, but I wonder how close my feelings in this regard are to His.

At any rate, I am thankful that God is blessing me with these feelings. I like them, but I pray that I will like Him more than them.


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