Pedal to the metal

There is no question, in my mind anyway, that my youngest son is way too much like me. When he is interested in doing something he goes full tilt, puts the pedal to the metal, and worries about careening off the edge of the cliff at just about the time that he is careening off of the edge of the cliff. Last night was a perfect illustration of all of that for the both of us.

I saw a video on Youtube where this person pranked another with a toilet paper gun made out of a leaf blower, some electrical tape, and a paint roller. It looked to be super simple to make so when I got home I said (in true Phineas and Ferb fashion), "Drew, I know what we are going to do today." Well, dinner was on the table but my wife was outside talking to some neighbors. That gave me the window of opportunity I needed to construct the gun and test it out. My son held the roller and I taped it down well enough. I then sent him upstairs to get some toilet paper.

He came down with five rolls. That did not sit well with my wife and me but she saw him first and said that two would be plenty. We had a few misfires, but then figured the whole thing out. Before dinner. happened that quickly. Well, after dinner we had to head to Wegman's where I ended up buying 30 rolls of toilet paper to replenish our dwindling supply and have enough for more fun. I then videoed him shooting the gun and posted it on Facebook.

Yes, when the two of us get going on something we just go head first into it knowing the hole could be filled with warm water or razor blades. We'll take a breath and look around when we're done and maybe we'll assess the approach we took.

Actually that's not likely to happen. OK it won't.


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