Jumping Matchbox cars

While I was worshiping with the church on Sunday a picture flashed into my mind that connected my life with God in a way that I hadn't thought of before.

One of my favorite pictures that has been taken on me (I sound a bit full of myself here don't I?) is one where I am with a "then" preschool boy and we have just employed a ramp that we had just constructed to launch a matchbox car into the air. We are looking at each other, mouths wide open, in total amazement at how well the ramp worked. As I recall the picture we, literally, have the same expressions on our faces as we revel in what the car had done. I think my joy was more in the connection that I had made to this boy and the laughing and smiling that we could do together as we built some semblance of a relationship around the common experience we were having. Both he and I were absolutely loving it and from, maybe, only slightly different angles.

As that picture played in my mind I wondered. I wondered how many simple times I have been thrilled about and lifted up to God's attention as if He hadn't planned it so long ago. I wondered if He got so excited during those times that we had the same expression on our faces (I am speaking anthropomorphically here)?  I could almost feel Him clapping His hand down onto my shoulder and, laughing right along with me, and exclaiming "I know. Isn't it marvelous?" I wonder if he was thrilled, not so much with what I was bringing Him, but the fact that we were together in a love relationship? His condescension to me was evident in the direction my mind was going and I had that same lump in my throat that I have when I realize I am dearly and desperately loved.

My God feels it all and, as I serve Him, I pray that I will be moved by the same things that move Him.


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