Studly prayer

This may surprise some of you but I was not always the picture of masculinity you see before you today. In other words, it took a while before the powers-that-be would name after me. I remember well the insecurities that flooded my mind in high school and college as I wondered if the girl that I had some attraction to had the same feelings for me that I did for her. Unarticulated and unrequited attraction is one of the worst feelings in the world isn't it? The fear and trepidation I also recall as I asked this girl or that to the dance or out on a date. Thanks be to God that, more often than not, it was a "yes". I didn't get turned down too often but I didn't try to get too crazy with the requests either. I knew where I stood.

I see the same dynamics at work in my children to as they ask me for this or that. There are some requests that are right on the edge of their confidence of being granted by me and they often preface the question with: "Daddy, I know you are going to say 'no', but..." Thankfully they still ask me but I know that the "no" I sometimes need to answer isn't softened much...even on those long-shot requests.

I get this way with God too. Sometimes my prayers seem so outlandish and ridiculous that I find myself fearful to even articulate them. Yet He wants me to, doesn't He? He is more like me and my own sons in that regard and less like the girl that would be insulted if I asked her to the dance. He wouldn't show the same combination of disdain (of my audacious request) and relief (that she had a better date than me) that some girls would. He wouldn't pity me either. He would lovingly answer. And the loving thing to do is to not always grant what I ask for. Even my pestering wouldn't sway Him for he truly loves me. He has genuine, truth-filled love for me.

So, I need to be more bold. I need to talk to Him. Is there any other way to see, to the fullest measure, His provision in my life? I can't think of one. So ask away, my sons, and I will promise to ask Him as well.


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