Pure questions

There is not much in my life that is more thrilling to me than asking questions of people on topics that I know nothing about nor have any preconceived notions around. We were with friends last night and I found myself at a table with a farmer. Now I had heard that this has been a particularly challenging year for farmers with the wet Spring and excessively dry Summer so I asked a question to either reinforce what I had heard or to soften it. His answer lent the former view more credance so I received what I was after. That was not what I would call a pure question as I had a motive for my asking it. I can also say that asking questions in order to get to know the person...

Bugh. Did you ever start something that you thought was a good idea but got so bored that you couldn't bear to finish it? That is what it feels like with this post. I could chalk it up to lack of discipline or sleep, but I think that would be overstating the issue. I have aabout a billion more things that I would like to do instead of this so I think that I will go and do one of them.


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