A journey into the secret things

I had a chance to talk about how God talks to us today to the students at Northridge Christian School (including my own) and I told them that God reveals His sovereign will to us in history. Of course I didn't quite use those words, but I did tell them that I was not sure if it was God's will for me to make it to work after the chapel service because it hadn't happened yet. After the service, as I drove to work, I thought about how awesome it was that I was continually on a journey into, and continually on the edge of, the secret things of God.

Every heartbeat that I have is a revelation of God's sovereign will in my life. As he arranges the moments of my living and as they occur in rapid succession I find myself a chronicler of sorts recording my God's sovereign, overarching will for my life and in the lives of the people I come into contact with today. It is mind-blowing to think that as I drift off to sleep and even before I wake I am both a receptacle and proclamation of that which He wanted to have happen. The horizon of His will is ever before me and the clear picture of it ever behind. Such is the infusion of purpose and meaning into the life of this oft-wayward son of His.

Not too long ago the contemplation of God's omnipresence permanently altered my sense of place. I believe that this will, in no small measure, transform the passage of time.


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