If I am teaching I need to teach

I have had the opportunity to teach 4 year olds all the way up to 74 year olds and I have determined in my heart that I am going to treat each opportunity the same. The same amount of preparation, mindshare, thought, and creativity has to be present in my teaching regardless of the audience. I have to admit that I get a little frustrated when thoughts creep into my mind that just because I am teaching so-and-so or just because the topic is such-and-such I can get away with giving it a little less than my best. I need to continually remind myself that I am subject to the same Master regardless of what I am tasked to do and that He, rightly, demands all of my energy. There is no "minor leagues" with Him - no gig that He has given me that I can mail it in on. It is all or nothing every week. Every minute.

I recall a statement that was made by the lead singer of Whitecross a while back stating that he was tired of Christian musicians not seeking excellence in their art because they are doing what they are doing "for the Lord". He thought that statement should be flipped around and would be more applicable to artists that would be more fame or money-driven. Doing something "for the Lord" should have me shaking in my boots and on my guard because He knows when I try to pass garbage off for a meal.

I do get tired, but there is nothing left to do but press on. If I put my hand to the plow I will devote my full attention to the field. I will also rest in His mercy and grace knowing that I have and will continue to fail in this area. I just pray that my failures are less and less spectacular and that my successes will point only upward.


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