Bin Laden's death

There seems to be a bit of "finality" in my spirit this morning as I heard the news that Osama Bin Laden had been killed by U.S. forces in Pakistan. This finality has brought me some peace, but more than that it has sobered me and saddened me a little. There is a sense of peace in my spirit that justice has been done. There is no question that what Bin Laden did was deserving of the death he died. I do vividly remember the awful attack and the feelings of sheer helplessness of 9-11. I did not lose anyone in the attacks but hearing the stories of people that did stirred up some righteous anger in me and a desire to want to see those that masterminded the attacks held to account.


I am sobered at the same time. The crimes that I have committed against my God are deserving of death as well. As much as I wanted to see justice done I am so relieved and thankful that God has not seen it fit to have a bullet put into my head so the death sentence that I deserve was carried out. The only thing I know now is the right standing I have before Him because of His Son's life, death, and resurrection. I am as much a sinner as he was and I deserve the Hell that he, more than likely, has right now.


I am also saddened a bit. Now there is no hope for Bin Laden. There is no opportunity to repent of his sins and submit his life to the only One who could save him. As difficult as that operation was to plan and execute, it is easy to shoot someone. It is so much harder to love a person like him and hold out the hope of the Gospel. And a greater victory still would have been won if his heart was regenerated and washed clean of his sins. Could you imagine if he had set up Christ as his King and Lord?


Thanks be to God He loved a person like me. And set my feet on a rock that cannot be moved. Even by a bullet that may end my life.



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