So how far can I take this?

Since becoming a dad I have been trying to enter into the emotional aspects of God's love and provision for me through relating the Godly feelings I have for my boys to how He may feel for me. There was one time that my oldest son asked me to buy him a toy and I could tell that he wanted it very badly. I wanted desperately to get it for Him and had plenty of income at my disposal to do just that. But, there were other agreements, circumstances, and short and long term consequences that led me to think that the wiser course of action would be to not purchase the toy for him. I could tell he was disappointed and I felt his pain so deeply that I am even feeling it right now as I type out this note. He tried to convince me later in the day that it would be a great idea to purchase the toy but, as much as I didn't want to, I had to hold my ground and say no. I am sure he has forgotten about the incident but certain situations recall it to my mind.

I was wondering if God feels the same way when He has to say no to me. I would like to think that He would, upon seeing the pain in my heart, enter into my suffering if only for a moment and understand me. Of course His will would be unbending (even more so than mine was), and He would know (like I did) that saying no is the wisest course of action, but does my pain born from my lack of perspective and righteousness move Him? Or is the feeling I had that day, and even today, foreign to His being? I am sure there is no answer to this on this side of Paradise, but I would desperately like to know. If only to bring me a bit of comfort the next time He lovingly withholds my petition.


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