The inevitability of freedom

While listening to some statements that President Obama made about the recent events in Egypt I was struck by a phrase that he used to, no doubt, explain what was happening and espouse a particular world view. The President briefly spoke about the "inevitability of freedom" and linked it to a notion that people will be free at some point and, more than likely, rule themselves through some form of democracy or representational government. Politics and political systems aside I agree with the President on this point, but probably not in the way that he intended the statement to be interpreted. As a Christ-follower I know that Jesus came, died, and rose again so that I can be free and taste a freedom that goes all the way down. No longer ruled by sin nor swept away by the confusion of counselors that seem to be at odds with each other on some of the most basic life circumstances I have been given the Holy Spirit and the Scriptures that have given me a freedom that a democracy never could. And as if this were not enough I have been promised a freedom from pain, sorrow, and death in the life that lies beyond this one in a home that is my real residence; in a heaven where God's will is done all the time.

It is in both that that position and promise where the inevitability of my freedom rests. I no longer need to look to the devices or schemes of men to bring me freedom. My freedom has been brought to me and I am as free as I will ever be. And therein lies the struggle for I long for the oppression and dictatorial rule of sin far too often. Soon, Mark, soon that will be crushed as well. Not by a hero that has returned from exile to lead a revolution but by a Lover that has brought about much more than that.


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