Cheeseburger cheeseburger do it again...

Feeding and breeding and pumping gas,
Cheeseburger, cheeseburger, do it again. - What We Do, Devo

You do not have a soul. You have a body. - C.S. Lewis

I know, I am twisted enough to put a Devo lyric in the same post as an insight by Lewis, but it was too great a contrast to pass up. There is an age-old struggle within the heart of man between what is "down here" and what is "up there". To put it another way, as much as I love cheeseburgers, is that it? Is the end of my cheeseburger consumption found in the consuming of it? Or is there something else? Is there a reason that I am breathing or pumping gas? Is there a purpose to my doing it all again? Looking at everything that is made, whether it be organic or not, there is a purpose for its existence. There is nothing that exists that does not fulfill some type of purpose. From the smallest sub-atomic particle to the star-killer black holes it is all infused with activity and participates in a well-choreographed dance. And the most interesting thing is that this purpose of it all can never be found strictly in the object itself. It is here (I am here) for something larger than itself (myself). Something that transcends it...something that transcends me.  A tree isn't here to be a tree. A car isn't here to be a car. They are both here for some other purpose lager than themselves.

In looking at me I see the same thing. I am not here to be a person. I am not here to occupy space. I was not created, or the subject of procreation, for a purpose that is centered in myself. I cannot be because that would would contradict the clear teaching of the Bible. It would also fly in the face of my experience of every other thing that I see. My cheeseburger consumption either allows me to, more perfectly, fulfill the purpose that I have been created for or it frustrates it. I am a soul with a body. The more I let that sink in the more I will embrace the reason that I was created and the Creator Himself.


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