Still sorting through it all

Last Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday until about 1:00 p.m. our family was all together at Family Camp at Circle C Ranch in Delevan, NY. Don't ask me where Delevan is because I would just refer you to my GPS as to the exact location and path to get there. All I know is that we went West and then South for a while...and I am so glad we did. We had a time we had no business having in a place that holds great significance to us. My wife Nan was saved from the penalty of her sin there when she was 16 and we took couple of trips with the teens from Sodus Bible Baptist Church to the Snow Camp they hosted. Our boys were so excited to be there and did things that they had never done before like rock climbing, horseback riding, and water balloon volleyball. It was also great to just get away with fellow believers, hear from God's Word, and just be in a place that, for 40+ years, has been preaching the Gospel of Christ to kids who desperately need it.

I think the thing that I enjoyed the most was that, when my boys asked me to do something with them, I was able to do it. There were no email messages to return, to lawns to mow, no phones was just us. It was great playing ping pong with Will and shooting some pool with Drew. It was also awesome to hold my wife's hand as we prayed and asked God to bless our relationship and our family. We were bummed that we had t come back to "real life".

Yet this "real life" has blessings of its own. After we returned from our camping experience I cleaned the fish tank and mowed the lawn. Drew had the great idea of playing catch and we were able to do that together. What a blessing that was and a great way to continue the connections we made at Family Camp. God has been so good to me and His blessings seem to go on for miles and miles.


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