Rocky Mountain Holiday

Last night my boys were chomping at the bit to watch a 1982 Muppets/John Denver special called Rocky Mountain Holiday. They loved every minute of it. What really caught me off guard a bit is the extent that they enjoyed the "down home" nature of the show. I mean, here is John Denver with his acoustic guitar walking around and signing his way through real and imagined scenes of a camping trip that he is on with the Muppets and they were riveted to it like it was a chase scene in a Star Wars movie. In their attention to this I sensed their appreciation and even love of simple things. Even though they are a little rough around the edges (they're kids after all) and still so prone to wander (they're sinners after all) they are still so pure and innocent in what they enjoy. It seems like the simplest things take them by surprise and they love, I mean really love, life.

There is a part of me that is so satisfied that they love Lawrence Welk as much as Lego Batman on the Wii. There are simple shows that they find so gratifying (like the Muppets or What's in the Bible) and their sweetness is evident in that. I love that about them. Heck, I love them and who they are. I pray that their Father in heaven will continue to nurture a sweet, sensitive spirit in them and the desire to transfer that to their God and neighbor.


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