A few bits of randomness

I am only now getting my Linux box upgraded to Ubuntu version 9.10 and then, eventually, on to 10.04. I pulled my keyboard for that particular machine out from under the desk and found that it was excessively dirty. Well, I had heard that you could run a keyboard through the dishwasher and, as long as you wait long enough to let it dry, plug it in and it will work. Well, I ran the keyboard through the dishwasher last night and we'll see if I can use it again. It came out very clean by the way.

I was reading some review about a laptop that was for sale. One of the comments was that it had a "smallish" hard drive. I looked at the specs and found that the hard drive was listed at 320 GB. Of course, being the old guy that I am, 320 GB is not "smallish" at all. It got me to thinking that by the time my boys care about the specs on a computer of any type I would venture to guess that a terabyte drive would be the minimum they would be looking for. That is amazing to me.


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