Tons of music this Christmas

I received lots of music this Christmas - a lot more than in years past. Some of it was in the form of an iTunes gift card and some of it (well, all the rest of it actually) came off of my Amazon wish list. My wife is not all that keen on the mix of music that can be found at any given time on my iPod, but I just think she needs to listen a bot more to "my stuff" and she'll grow to like it. Here is a list of what I will be listening to in the weeks to come as a result of the gifts I have received:

Again and Again - Mylon & Broken Heart
Darn Floor, Big Bite (album) - Daniel Amos
Mystery Highway (album) - Randy Stonehill and Phil Keaggy
Tour de France, Autobahn, Elektro Kardiogramm, and Computer Love - Kraftwerk
Freedom (album) - Whiteheart
Flap Your Wings (album) - The Choir
Direct (album) - Vangelis

I love new music even if it is old music. It is nice to freshen things up a bit. I need that.


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