The phone on the Phil Donahue Show

There was a time, I can't remember when exactly, that I was watching the Phil Donahue show and, for some reason, the camera zoomed in tightly on a phone that was smack dab in the middle of the stage. Well, the phone had a legitimate number pasted on the bottom of it which, of course, prompted someone to dial the number. The phone rang, Phil picked it up and then hung the phone up. Then the phone rang again and he picked it up and, like a doofus, hung it back up again. I think after the phone rang for the third time they cut to a commercial. Well, that was very inspiring for me.

My boss had her email client (Outlook) open and projected on the screen during staff meeting today. Recalling the Donahue phone incident I decided to email her and put "DENA ROCKS!!!!" in the subject line. I showed remarkable restraint in that I didn't put something else more insulting in the subject line, but it did get the reaction I was looking for.

I guess I do like causing mayhem as long as it has no real long-lasting impact. It is not like I am going to go deface a building or something.


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