A moment in time

Your eyes shone on that night
They were diamonds
Under the ocean’s moonlight
They were diamonds

It was only a moment in time

You were laughing, I was falling hard. It was over
Then the light of morning hid the stars. And it was over

I remember it well
The night I fell so deeply into your eyes
And I wondered if you would feel for me
The way I felt for you

It was only a moment in time
- A Moment in Time, The Choir

And when was that moment? Was it the night when she said "yes" to my marriage proposal? Or the night that we knew that our firstborn was growing deep inside of her? Was it the night that we moved from the house that we began our life together in and struck out into uncharted water? Or was it when we realized that we were not only deeply in love with each other, but we were deeply in love with the same God?

Or was it last night when we kissed each other, bade each other a good night, and drifted off to sleep?

Yes. I dare say it was. I love you Diamond Eyes.


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