Simply this one thing, hope, is what drives me at times. Last weekend my words and actions, for the most part, were directly from the old man. My flesh just got in the way so much that I was wondering if there would be anything left of the spirit. My flesh was less than weak...it seemed to actively oppose anything of substance that I desired to do.

I sat with the church and wept.

More than broken over my sin I wept because there it was. In the black and white of His Word I found it again. Hope! At the end of 2 Kings and 2 Chronicles, following some of the most disappointing and disturbing stories in the entire Bible, there it was.

He shouted to me right then and there, "You have this abundant life because you have hope!" And this hope is in the God of the Universe that saved me from my sin. And so much so that death himself cannot touch me.


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