It seemed like such a good idea

I help out with our children's church program on Sunday morning called HighPoint. I am one of the "story tellers" which basically means that I bring the Bible lesson to the kids at the 10:00 service and it is something that I enjoy doing very much. Well, this past Sunday I brought an apple to the program and hilarity ensued.

There was a point in the lesson (from Acts 2:42-47) where I was going to talk about the early church eating together and make the point that this was a way that they worshiped God together. I asked the host of the program (basically the emcee) to throw the apple and hit me in the hand that was extended to receive the fruit. Well, he threw the apple, but it didn't hit me in the hand. It hit me in a very delicate spot where no man wants to be hit. And, shall we say, I needed a moment.

So there I was in front of 30 kids and more than a handful of adults and what I needed to do was sit down. But I couldn't and I started to laugh which is what I do in very stressful situations. Thankfully what happened went over most of the kid's heads, but most of the adults knew exactly what was going on. In other words, the moment wasn't lost on them. I powered through it and things went much better after I regained focus.

Note to self: the host of the 10:00 HighPoint throws like a girl.


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