Kind of digging the rain

We have been dry lately. Really dry. The leaves that we got up last weekend were bone dry. They were so dry it seemed as though I could have blown them into a pile myself...without a leaf blower or any other mechanical device. Well, we have been experiencing quite a bit of rain today and I am totally digging it. I noticed that the hydrangea on the right side of our hous, that my wife uncovered from their cloak of leaves, were wilting quite badly. Their leaves were still green though and I was wondering if I should water them so that I could give them a proper goodbye as they displayed their subtle glory.

Thank God for the rain which should perk them up just fine so that I can get a good look at them tomorrow morning before I head out to work. I'll drink in their splendor one last time with only slightly less regret than I have now. I would have liked to have lingered over them a little more last Spring and Summer as they leafed and bloomed. But now I need to be content with the vapor of a time we'll have tomorrow.

Yes, soon they'll set their stone hard buds against the bitter wind and ice. But even then, they'll have a glory and beauty all their own. They'll still sing and shout to their Creator in the midst of this yearly death and I may just linger over them still.


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