Can't quite do it

Yes, I admit it. I can be truly insensitive when it comes to my humor. I can absolutely guarantee that I have offended quite a few people in the course of my joking and have bitten my tongue on more than one occasion as a result of my sensitivity to the issue. Sounds like a bit of a paradox doesn't it? It does to me too. I believe that if there was a Spiritual Gift of idiocy that it would be my primary gift. The problem with idiocy is that, while it is usually funny, it is idiocy and idiots often offend. I was typing out something this morning to post here and thought better of it. I thought it was funny, and I knew that other people would as well, but I just couldn't quite push the "Publish to Nonsensical Ramblings of Mark - Blogger" button. There were enough questions in my mind that I thought better of it. It was hard not to though.

I am sure that I am too PC in my humor (right?). The fact is that the laugh or chuckle is less important to me than me offending someone no matter how "misguided" there perceptions are. That dilemma is much less acute when I need to get some truth across or say something that, according to the Scriptures, must be said. The offense at that point is more with Biblical commands or principles rather than something that I think is funny.

So there it is. A peak into my mind and into the struggles of a fairly frequent blogger.


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