A while back I applied to host a launch party for Windows 7. It was going to be an all-geek affair with a functioning copy of the new Windows release there for people to try and the discussions would focus around wireless networks, XML, Linux (of course), the lack of LAN support in the upcoming release of Starcraft II, and all manner of technology. I may have even thrown in some cool geek-related door prizes and the food would consist of cheese curls, pizza, and Mountain Dew. Of course we would have set up the live video feed so that my brother in law and fellow geek in arms presently living in Georgia could attend.

Well, I received an email yesterday that crushed my plans as I slept. A portion of the pain is reproduced below:

Thanks for your interest in hosting a Windows 7® Launch Party.  There was great response to hosting parties and numbers were limited. As a result many wonderful applicants like you could not be selected.

I guess I should be happy that they recognized that I was a wonderful applicant (which of course I am) but the fact that I wasn't selected gives me pause as there must be even more wonderful applicants that were granted their desire. Well, I guess that is all right because my wife would have probably made me clean the house by myself to make it look presentable for the party. She was less than thrilled with the idea and this would have been my penance.

Maybe I will try to organize an flash mob on the day that Ubuntu version 10 is released. We could gather at Taco Bell and redeem a bunch of coupons for free Frutista Freezes while showing off our live CD versions of the new OS. We'll own the joint.


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