The end of Geocities

The wire and web is rife with the news that this is the day that Geocities is shutting down. I have a special place in my heart for Geocities as that was the place I chose to put up a website that touted my agency's services and the like when I was fresh out of college and taking the social work world by storm circa 1994 or 1995. I remember using an early version of Microsoft FrontPage to construct the website and embed all of the navigation in the graphics on it and use a rather interesting FTP client to get all of it on Geocities' servers. The fairly maddening thing was that, at the time, FrontPage turned all of my text and graphics into one large GIF with an image map for the navigation and links. That's right - not an a tag or href to be found on the whole thing.

At any rate, when the web and I were young it was a different world. Not a better world, necessarily, but a different one. Please excuse this nostalgic sigh **sigh** as the first seeds of my geekiness were sown in Geocities.


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