This boy and his boys' toys

I have to admit that I would have been geeked to have some of the toys that my boys have when I was a kid. Actually, I have to admit that I am geeked now to have them. Drew bought a way-cool Wall E robot with some of his money and gift cards from Toys R Us and even I like playing with it. I have always had somewhat of a fascination with robots and this one is pretty advanced. They boys and I were playing with their Star Wars Lego last night and were having a really good time. Drew's Stormtroopers showed up to the fight without their weapons and General Grievous (i.e. Dad) had to reprimand them. Of course, as a result of Grievous' admonishment, hilarity ensued:

General Grievous:  "What are you doing here without your weapons? You can't come to fight without any guns!"
Stormtroopers (in unison): "It's okay. We know Kung-Fu."
General Grievous: **makes random noises to try to mask his speechlessness**

Well, the good guys won. Will never ceases to mention that the good guys always win in Lego Star Wars. But what warmed my heart was when Will reported "I like playing Lego Star Wars with you, Daddy." Wow...not only does Will love me but he likes me and desires me.

That is quite a gift. Help me steward it well, Dad.


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