Soccer Camp 2009

Well, the boys started Happy 5 Soccer Camp at (run by First Bible Baptist Church here in Greece) and they look to be much improved from last year.

Will is getting much more aggressive and seems to enjoy getting into the scrum for the ball that (unfortunately) is still characteristic of the level of play that the third and fourth grade boys exhibit at this stage. Of course it would be nice if they spread things out a bit, but that will come I'm sure. One of the nice things is that their team is probably one of the best on the field they are playing on (if not the best) and that they have taken to actually passing the ball to each other. Will even had his first assist which is amazing in that it took 8 weeks last year before he got one. All in all this looks to be shaping up a bit better than last year's effort.

Drew has actually taken to running after the ball rather than just standing around and waiting for it to come to him. Mind you, this is from the boy who continually announces that he likes soccer but not the "running part" so that is a good thing for him. His coach seems to enjoy him already and he got his foot on the ball a lot more this time around than in previous outings. Again, much improved over last year.

We'll see how things go this week, but we were very impressed with their level of play and the improvements we have seen in them.


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