So last night with the church...

I have to admit I am not a big hand raiser, clapper, etc. when I am singing with the church. My hands have not been above my shoulders in a while anyway so I may just pull something in the process. On the flip side I definitely do not want to discourage my sons from anything that will help enhance their worship of God and connect with Him in a more meaningful way.

Last night as we were singing I noticed Drew clapping his hands along with the rhythm of the song. He was the only one in the auditorium that was doing it so I know that it was not in imitation of what was happening around him so I had to think that it was a outward manifestation of an inward reality. Maybe I am making too much of this but I was happy that he was worshiping and that he was responding to the words and music in this manner. I was equally thankful that we have a church that allows him the freedom to express his worship of God in a way that is both biblically-based and is relevant to where he is. No disapproving glances were directed either to him or to me as his father.

I think God was pleased with Him last night. I pray that he would continue to look for more and more ways to move his body to worship the true God whether that is through serving the ones God loves, raising his hands (even above his shoulders) or clapping (even if it is slightly off-rhythm).


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